BlackBerry Launches BBM for Android Wear at CES 2015

Technology has brought us to a point where we can make a call through our watch. Sounds funny, right? But this actually is the truth. In this 21st century, technology has evolved a lot in terms of creativity. Now we have come to a point where we just instruct our watch as, “Ok Google, Call John”, and we are set to have a conversation with so called Mr. John or whoever it may be.  First of all, we need to connect our android handheld device (phone or tablet) with the wearable. Now whatever notifications come to the handheld are automatically shared with the wearable. With the rapid advancement in wearable gadgets, the Canadian company Blackberry decided to launch its world famous BlackBerry Messenger, BBM for Android wear at Customer Electronics Show (CES) 2015.

BlackBerry Messenger is an internet based messaging and voice calling apps which is currently available for devices including Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Initially BBM was available only for Blackberry devices. Then the Canadian Company decided to roll out BBM features for Android and iOS in October 2013. Then finally BBM was launched for Windows based devices too in August 2014. Now with the aim of expanding BBM, Blackberry launched BBM for Android Wear at CES 2015.

Though there is no fixed time frame for the launch of BBM for Android Wear, it is expected to get launched in early 2015. BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in a press conference at CES 2015, “expanding BBM onto Android Wear is a strategy to increase the stickiness of the platform – with the main aim of boosting ad yields.

bbm for android wear

It should be noted the BBM for Android Wear is not the same as the traditional BBM available for the phones or tablets. BBM for Android Wear has decided to take only the most common BBM activities to Android Wear. We hope that it will increase with the final rollout of BBM for Android Wear or with the subsequent updates.


BBM for Android Wear will provide following features to its users:

  • Users will receive an alert or notification on the watch as soon as a new BBM message will arrive.
  • Users will be able to see the sender and discreetly preview the messages.
  • Users will be able to read BBM messages in their entirety.
  • BBM messages appearing on the notifications in watch can be easily dismissed with a swipe.
  • Using Google Now, users will be able to respond to the messages hands-free.
  • Users can also choose from pre-defined messages to send the response.
  • Users will be able to accept BBM invites from the watch only, without any need to use their Android smartphone.

BBM for Android Wear will be available in a significant variety of watches that support Android Wear. The next section will let you know the procedure to check if your Android device is compatible with the Android wear or not.


In order to check the compatibility of your device with the android wear, follow these simple steps given below:

  • From your android device, visit here. (Note: You cannot visit this website with your laptop or PC. It should be visited only with the android device whose compatibility is to be checked with the Android Wear).

bbm for android wear

  • This will directly tell you if your device is compatible with Android wear or not.
  • If your device is compatible with the Android wear, you will see an image as shown below.

pic4 copy

  • If your device is not compatible with the Android Wear, you will see an image as given below.

bbm for android wear

BBM for Android Wear will also give the users the ability to flip through old BBM messages. We hope that BBM for Android Wear will be out soon. Hope you liked this article on “BlackBerry Launched BBM for Android Wear at CES 2015”. In case of any query, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati