Change Name in True Caller Database : Don’t Let Community Identify You

Change Name in True Caller Database: True Caller is the world’s largest mobile phone community (or a directory) that is easily accessible via a Web site and it is also available as an application for smartphones such as Android, Windows Phones, iOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. True Caller acts as a database containing about 1.5 billion phone numbers worldwide, which is really exceptional. True Caller is most widely used app that lets you search any mobile number and its contact details, name, location etc directly from within the True Caller. Whenever someone attempts to make a call to you (someone who in not in your contact list), the True Caller app simply flashes the details of that unknown caller on your screen.


You guys must be wondering how actually True Caller works. How True Caller gains access to your phone number? Even if you never installed this app on your smartphone, still it is possible that your number is maintained in the True Caller’s mobile phone directory. True Caller has caller ID, social media integration including facebook, twitter etc and call blocking functionality.

True Caller uses a cwordsourced data that enables this app to operate even in countries like UK and India where public data is not available. When a user registers for true caller, all the names and numbers from his contact list are uploaded to the servers for other users to look up. This is how True Caller builds its directory and has reached to a huge number of 1.5 billion.


True Caller is an app that is being loved by almost everyone as it lets you identify an unknown caller. But when you stand on the other side, you rarely like being identified by someone else, aren’t you? This is a fact. So we decided to write this article for those who want to hide their identity on the true caller app. This section will let you know the method to change name in True Caller in Database. So go through the steps mentioned below in order to change name in True Caller Database.

Change Name in True Caller Database

  • In the Phone Number field, just put your phone number including your country code.
  • In the First Name and Last Name fields, put the name that you want the community to see on true caller when someone searches for you using your phone number.
  • Fill the verification captcha.
  • Click on the Send button.
  • True Caller will take about 7 days to process your request. After a week or so, your new name will be reflected in the true caller database.
  • This is how you can change name in true caller database.

Hope you liked this article on “How to Change Name in True Caller Database”. Now no one will be able to identify you using true caller app. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati