Fix Error Code 36 on MAC: “Test Folder can’t be Read or Written”

Fix Error Code 36 on MAC: “Test Folders can’t be read or written”: The most commonly performed task while working on a computer is that of copying and pasting. We may often come across certain situations where we have to copy a certain folder from some part of the computer and paste it to another location. Now imagine a situation when you won’t be able to copy and paste the folders or files. What if you encounter an error while copying and pasting a bunch of folders or files? You will certainly find yourself into trouble if this happens. But unfortunately, this actually happens for MAC users. MAC users may often encounter an error code 36 while copying and pasting a group of files and folders.

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Error code 36 occurs only when you try to copy and paste a group of files. If you are trying to copy only a single file and pasting it at some location, you won’t be getting this error code. But if you try to copy a set of files, copy them and paste at some location, then the process of copying will surely start but in the middle of this process, you may encounter an error code 36.

error code 36

This article will lead you through different methods to fix error code 36 on MAC. Error code 36 is usually observed in OS X while copying or dragging the files to windows formatted volumes. It can also occur while copying a set of files or folders to the USB drives. Error code 36 occurs with a message saying: “Test Folders can’t be Read or Written”. In this article, we will be giving you methods to fix this annoying and frustrating error code 36.


Before going to the actual solution, you need to check the permission for copying the files. If you do not have the permission for copying the files, you may get this error code. So, it is better to check if you are authentic enough to copy the files from one location to other on your MAC PC.


In order to check the permission for copying the files, go through the following procedure.

  • Go to permission and sharing option.
  • Make it to everyone.
  • Also, make sure that your account has read access to the files you are trying to copy and paste.
  • Now try to copy and paste the same files. If you are still getting the error code 36, go for the actual fix given below.


  • Go to Applications.
  • Tap on Utilities option.
  • Select Terminal tab.
  • Within the terminal window, type the following snippet of code: dot_clean.
  • The folder, that was giving error code 36 while copying, needs to be dragged to the terminal window.
  • As soon as you drag that folder, you will observe the path of that particular folder appearing on to the terminal window at the end of the command.
  • After going through the above steps, Click Enter.
  • Now retry the copying and pasting process. Hopefully, you shouldn’t be getting error code 36 on your MAC PC now.

Now, you can easily copy and paste the files easily without getting any error. You can try this method anytime you get the error code 36 with any of the files. Hope you liked this article on “Fix Error Code 36 on MAC: Test Folders can’t be read or written”. This is the only solution available till date to fix error code 36 for MAC users. In case you find any other solution to fix the error code 36, kindly share that with us. Even if you find yourself into trouble while going through the procedure mentioned above, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati