How to Fix Windows Error 193: iTunes Error 7

Apple is one of the leading brands when it comes to the gadgets including mobile phones, laptops and wearable media. Apple is one of the trustworthy and reliable brands that most of the people look forward to. Despite of being so much reliable, even Apple devices are not free from errors. Errors are inevitable and we should be prepared encountering them. One of the frustrating errors encountered by Apple users is Windows Error 193. Windows Error 193 occurs while downloading iTunes or any other Apple software. It resists you in downloading iTunes by flashing the Windows Error 193 along with some error messages.


  • iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (Windows Error 193).
  • iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 193).
  • C:\Program Files (x86) \ Common Files Apple \ Apple Application Support \ zlibl.dll not designed to run on Windows or customize errors.
  • iTunes has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Error 7 (Windows Error 193). Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

This error is found to be very common and so we decided to present before you a working method to fix Windows Error 193. In the next section, we will be giving you an easy yet efficient method to fix Windows Error 193.


In this section, we will be giving you a method to fix Windows Error 193 so that you can easily install and make use of iTunes. Go through each of the steps mentioned below carefully to fix Windows Error 193.


  1. Go to Start.
  2. Right Click on Start Menu and Select Command Prompt (Admin).

Fix Windows Error 193

3. In the common prompt, type the command: CHKDSK /F

Fix Windows Error 193

4. Now wait for sometime while the system checks the device for errors. You may often encounter a message stating that filesystem is locked and a chkdsk cannot be performed at this time. Do you wish to run CHKDSK on a restart? In such a case, select Yes and then restart your PC.

5. Now try to open iTunes again. If it opens successfully, then you are done. If iTunes is not working, then you need to go through Method 2 mentioned below.


If the method mentioned above didn’t work for you, then you need to reinstall iTunes on your device. You can download the latest version of iTunes on your PC from the link given below.

Download Latest Version of iTunes on your Device.

Downloading the latest version of iTunes on your PC is surely going to fix Windows Error 193 on your PC. This will allow you to use iTunes and enjoy it.

So these were the two easy yet efficient methods to fix Windows Error 193. These methods are also applicable to fix Windows Error 127. Hope you liked this article on “How to fix Windows Error 193”. In case of any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati
  • very gôd

  • Josh Carter (UK)

    (For Windows computers – not sure if it’s the same for Mac but worth a try)

    If all the above still doesn’t work (and everything else you try that you have read on the internet like me) I have just spent an hour on the phone with a senior support tech from iTunes and finally found the problem.

    1) Firstly I uninstalled everything ‘Apple’, see here – Remove and reinstall iTunes and related software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 – Apple Support

    2) Then go to ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\’ and delete the ‘Apple’ folder if there is one. Do this also for ‘C:\Program Files (86)\Common Files\’

    3) OK now here is what I did differently. Open your file search ‘C:\’ (click the Start Menu –> Computer –> OS (C:). In here search in the top right for the following file ‘msvcr100’. It is a .dll file.

    4) Click the one titled exactly ‘msvcr100’ (there might be another one with a longer name ignore that one). Drag the ‘msvcr100’ file to the desktop, DO NOT delete or copy it (yet).

    5) Now go to and download the latest iTunes (probably save it to your ‘Downloads’ folder). Once downloaded RIGHT CLICK on the newly downloaded setup file and click ‘Run as Administrator’ (this is important).

    6) Follow the usual iTunes installation guide and it SHOULD install OK. If it does then you can now delete the ‘msvcr100’ file from your Desktop.

    If it doesn’t work then I would get iTunes Support to ring you. Here’s the link to the support –

    Hope this helps people! Good luck

    • Bugg

      This method worked for me… I had been trying different things for a week, when I came across this one.Thanks Josh Carter.

  • Don Pieper

    you are the greatest thing I’ve experienced in years. Thank you for helping install iTunes 🙂

  • Richard Smith

    Both haven’t worked still getting the messages