How to Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f : We are Currently Unable to Check for Updates

How to Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f While Software Update: Microsoft’s Windows Phone is in a developing stage. It is developing day by day, enhancing its previous releases and adding some extra features and functionalities as the time is passing by. People that currently owe Windows Phones are facing a significant amount of problems. Some people find it hard to use its functions due to its unusual interface, some reports issues regarding Wi-Fi, and some have issues regarding the Software Update.

The latest version of Windows Phone is 8.1. Users that have Windows 8 installed on their Windows Phone can upgrade it to this latest version. Most of the people have tried it and many of them have been successful in doing so. But still there is a large number of people all over the world that have failed to upgrade to the latest version of software just because of a single error. This error code is 80072f8f.

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While trying to update the Windows Phone, the users are facing Windows Phone Error Code 80072f8f. When users check for updates on their Windows Phone, error code 80072f8f occurs with an error message, stating that “We are currently unable to check for updates (80072f8f).” This Error prohibits you from updating the Windows phone to the latest software version. So we are here to fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f.


The Windows Phone Error Code 80072f8f occurs due to a mismatch in date and time. If the date and time of your residence does not match with the date and time of the region from where you have purchased your Windows device, then Windows Phone Error 80072f8f is going to occur. There is a very simple solution to fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f while Software Update. This solution is given in the next section.


As mentioned above, the mismatch in date and time causes the Windows Phone Error 80072f8f to occur. So, if we somehow manage to get rid of this mismatch, then we can easily fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f while software update. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f.

  • Go to Settings by swiping the start screen to left and scrolling to Settings Icon.


Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f

  • Select Date + Time icon as shown in the screenshot below.


Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f

  • Here, you will observe that the Date and Time has been set to automatically. You need to turn it OFF.


Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f

  • Now you can set your time zone manually as per the time zone from which the Windows Phone was purchased from.


Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f

  • Now you can easily update your Windows Phone.

So this was the simplest solution to fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f while updating your Windows Phone. Hope you liked this article on “How to Fix Windows Phone Error 80072f8f While Software Update”. In case of any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati
  • Theeraphon

    It can not help at all. Please fix it .

    • Akhil Prajapati

      what problem are you facing?

  • theeraphon

    I use Lumia 1020. After I use windows recovery tool because I have the problem with window insider. And I have to change Microsoft account from Gmail to outlook. Now I cannot update.and have error code 80072f8f.

  • Pau

    i cant download Facebook in my lumia 720 with windows 10.

    • Akhil Prajapati

      what error message are you getting Pau

  • thanks for the fix, was setting up a new Lumia phone and neither phone update, nor the maps downloads were working because although I had set correct timezone, it had wrong date/time. It was set to autoupdate date/time, but forgot that it had no SIM card in it yet. Obviously it doesn’t get these updates from a time server, but from the mobile phone connection provider. Hope Windows 10 phone fixes that and gets the date/time from time server like the one from nist or from microsoft