OnePlus One Common Problems Faced by Users

OnePlus One Common Problems Faced by Users: You guys must be aware of the OnePlus. OnePlus is the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer. OnePlus is currently one of the brands which has reduced the sale of all other smartphones in the entire world. So today we are here to present before you an article to describe some of the most common problems faced by OnePlus One users.

OnePlus One common problems

OnePlus One comes with the Android OS v4.4.2 (KitKat) and is upgradable to v4.4.4 (KitKat). So it is for sure that latest Android update of Lollipop is not adapted by OnePlus in there smartphones. So lets see some OnePlus One Common Problems faced by users and their fixes. Some of the Problems are as follows :

  • Overheating of OnePlus One.
  • Wi-Fi won’t connect, slow or disconnects suddenly.
  • Unresponsive touchscreen and ghost touches
  • Phone reboots unnecessarily.
  • Phone won’t Charges or the charging is slow.



Below are some OnePlus One Common Problems users have and their fixes. All these problems are observed as these problems are faced by allot of people.

Problem : Overheating of OnePlus One. Phone heat up allot while charging using Phone Charger.

Solution :

  • If the overheating problem is experienced after installing any app, then you should remove that app and check for the result.
  • If the Problem is still not solved, then don’t let the battery level to go below 40%. Make sure you charge before your battery level go below 40%.
  • If none of the above method works for you then you should factory reset your phone.


Problem : Wi-Fi won’t connect, slow or disconnects suddenly. Wifi disconnects unnecessarily.

Solution :

  • If the Wi-Fi won’t connect or disconnects then, you should go to :Settings –> Wi-Fi and then long tap on the Wi-Fi connection and then tap on Forget this Network. Now all you have to reconnect and establish a connection from the start.
  • It also happens sometimes as you are using any battery saver app. If yes, then go to the battery saver app and if the ignore option is available for the Wi-Fi connection is there, then tap on it else remove that battery saver app and install a new one.
  • If any other app which has a control over Wi-Fi networks, you can uninstall that app and then look for the result.

Problem : Unresponsive touchscreen and ghost touches. Sometimes Screen is unresponsive towards your touch whereas sometimes unnecessary touch is observed by the screen. This is one of the OnePlus One Common Problems faced by allot of people.

Solution :

  • Try Rebooting the Phone and check for the results then.
  • Change the theme you are using in your phone. It helped allot of people and results are quite successful.
  • Try updating the Cyanogenmod by doing this. Go to: Settings > About phone > Cyanogenmod updates > Check for updates. This has helped allot of people.


Problem : Phone reboots unnecessarily. Sometimes phone reboots without any notification.

Solution :

  • Check if you have the NFC on. If yes, then turn it off and check if it has helped you or not.
  • Change the theme and see if it has made any difference. As this has helped allot of people in this case.
  • If you have observed this change after installing any application then go and remove this app as this app may be controlling Phone Power button.
  • Do a Factory Reset if none of the above problem worked for you.


Problem : Phone won’t Charges or the charging is slow. Charging of this phone is quite slow. And sometimes it doesn’t even charge.

Solution :

  • Only use a genuine OnePlus One Cable comes with the phone to charge the phone.
  • If the charging problem is not yet solved then, Hold down thePower button for 20 seconds and see if it works. These actually Power cycle the Phone.
  • If none of the above solution helped you then you should try hold down Power Button and Volume Down Button and check if it boot into recovery mode.


So these were the most common problems faced by OnePlus one users along with their genuine fixes. Hope you liked this article on “OnePlus One common problems faced by users”. In case of any queries, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati