Pokemon Go Failed to Login – Pokemon Go Server Issues

Pokemon Go Failed to Login – Today I was planning to go out for hunt but my plan got ruined. As soon as I launched Pokemon Go on my Android device, it said Failed to Log in. Along with this there were two links: Sign Out and Try a Different Account. I tried accessing both the links but nothing happened. I tried pressing all the buttons and links but nothing worked out for me. Every time I launched Pokemon Go, it always said Failed to login. I kept on trying, changed some settings but nothing worked. Finally I came to know that Pokemon Go servers are down and that is why I am getting an error Pokemon Go Failed to Login.

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It is good to know that Pokemon Go company – Niantic is well aware of this issue and they would certainly fix it as soon as possible. I am hoping to get a fix soon so that I can hunt more. If you are also facing the same issue, you cannot do much. Just wait for some time and try again. This is the tweet by Pokemon Go team regarding the server issues.

Pokemon Go Failed to Login


If you are also getting this error message and a screen as shown below, you cannot do anything, but wait. Just wait for sometime until servers are up and running again. Meanwhile you can plan out more and make your team to hunt Pokemon.

Pokemon Go failed to Login

Don’t think that uninstalling and installing the app again would work. There is nothing wrong with the app nor with your device. its just the server issue which is causing the error Pokemon Go Failed to Login.

As soon as servers are available, we will surely notify you. We want you to enjoy with the ever exciting game – Pokemon Go. Make sure you don’t get into it too much. Be aware of your surrounding too as many incidents have been reported.

Hope you liked this article on Pokemon Go failed to Login Error. Stay aware of your surroundings and play safe. Enjoy the game and keep on hunting. Good Luck.


Akhil Prajapati