Pokemon Go for Windows Phone: To be Developed

Pokemon Go for Windows Phone: To be Developed by Third Party – Pokemon Go is one of most trending apps these days. It has been already launched in more than 30 countries. Japan and Hong Kong are the latest countries to have it. People of all age groups are finding it super cool to catch the cute Pokemon. Recently, many users in Japan were found to enjoy Pokemon Go on roads, shops, office, and malls. Pokemon Go creators, Niantic Inc. has rolled out it for Android and iOS only. They don’t seem to bring it out for Windows Phone, at least in near future.

Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

A petition was put up on change.ord  demanding the Pokemon Go creator, Niantic Inc. to develop Pokemon Go for Windows Phone. You can have a look at the petition from the image given below.

Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

Till now, 92,951 users have signed the partition but Niantic hasn’t spoken a single word regarding this. Its very hard for Windows Phone users to accept that they won’t be getting the official version of Pokemon Go. However, there are chances for it to be developed by a third party developer.

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A developer, named ST Apps is said to be working on an app that will allow the users of Windows Phone to find and catch the Pokemon. The developer is said to be too busy in another project but he is trying hard to complete this Pokemon Go app as soon as possible. He is also facing some encryption issues in Pokemon Go’s server. He is expecting the Pokemon Go’s server to be encrypted soon. This may shutter down his hard work and Windows Phone users’ dreams as well.

We are hoping to get Pokemon Go for Windows Phone as soon as possible. There are around 81 million people who have Windows 10 as their mobile operating system. If this many number of people gets a joy of playing Pokemon Go, it would be a great success for Windows Phone as well as Pokemon Go.


Akhil Prajapati