How to Block Seen Feature of Facebook Using Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension

Facebook is the top social networking website which is being used by almost everybody, be it a child, a youth, or anyone. Facebook has a feature of “SEEN”, that lets the other person know when you read or saw his or her message. When you see the other person’s message, a tick mark along with Seen and corresponding time appears on the other users’ screen. This feature is advantageous for sender, but it may be really destructive and cause problems for the receiver. Some people do not really like being followed or watched. So if you do not want the other person to know if you have actually read the message or not, and you want to Block the Seen feature of Facebook messenger, you can easily do this. You can block Seen feature of Facebook messenger by using an extension for chrome, known as Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension. Below you can find simple procedure to install and use this Facebook Unseen Chrome extension.


  • In order to download this extension, you can go to the extension page or click here.
  • Open this extension page and click on the Free.
  • The extension will be saved and installed automatically.
  • You will notice a new icon.
  • It will be residing in the installed apps part of the top right area.
  • You can use this icon to block seen feature of facebook. However, you can also use this to turn it on again.

The Facebook Unseen Chrome extension provides a lot more other features apart from its basic purpose to block seen feature of facebook. Some of these features are:

  • It may hide from you whenever someone sees your message.
  • It also hides from other people whenever you read their messages.
  • It also provides a significant option that permits you to turn off ads.

This extension is pretty clean and clear. When you love the privacy and do not want your friends to know when you look up their messages, this is the best application to go for.  Hope you like this article on “How to Block Seen Feature of Facebook using Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension”. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati