Watch Videos Online Anytime Using FVD Video Downloader Extension

In today’s era of Internet, you are very much dependent on the World Wide Web for various reasons. You may usually use it for a handful of purposes including studying, entertainment, presentation, business, work, and the list goes on. While going through the web, you may come across a situation where you are required to access the videos online. In this digital world, speed is a parameter which is appreciated the most. While accessing videos online, it may usually take time for buffering. Users surely do not like this. So if you are having trouble with your internet speeds and want to watch videos online anytime, then we are here to give you an efficient method to do so.

You can watch videos online anytime by using a brand new extension named FVD Video Downloader. This extension has been provided by Happy Apps Studio. This extension will let you watch videos online anytime. It automatically grabs the URL and downloads the desired video for you. The next section will give you a detailed and step by step procedure to use FVD Video Downloader to watch videos online anytime.


This section will give you a detailed and step by step procedure to watch videos online anytime using FVD Video Downloader.

  • First of all, you need to download FVD Video Downloader extension on your Google Chrome web browser.
  • After visiting the extension page, click on FREE button, appearing on the top right corner.

Watch Videos Online Anytime

  • After clicking the Free Button, a dialogue box will immediately prompt up on the top, asking you to add the extension. Here, Click on Add.

Watch Videos Online Anytime

  • Now, on the top right corner of your Google Chrome web browser, an icon will appear.
  • To watch videos online anytime using FVD Video Downloader, start the playback of the video. Now click the extension icon.
  • FVD Video downloader will automatically grab the URL and download video for you.


FVD Video downloader supports a significant number of video file formats. All of them are mentioned below:

  1. flv
  2. mov
  3. avi
  4. wmv (ms – wmv)
  5. asf (ms – asf)
  6. swf
  7. webm
  8. mp4 (mpeg)
  9. 3gp (3gpp)

FVD Video Downloader extension is a very efficient extension that lets you watch videos online anytime. It supports 8 languages including Deutsch, English, Francais, espanol, italiano etc. This extension is easy to use and provides a very simple and user friendly user interface. Hope you liked this article on “Watch Videos Online anytime using FVD Video Downloader Extension”. If you find any queries regarding this, feel free to ask via comments.

Akhil Prajapati