How to Fix Windows Phone Error 80073cf9

FIX WINDOWS PHONE ERROR 80073cf9: You might be getting windows phone error 80073cf9 while updating your facebook app, WhatsApp, skype or any other core app from the Windows Phone Store. You may feel very annoying because this error keeps coming repeatedly. So even you are the victim of this error and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, you can go through various steps listed below in order to fix windows phone error 80073cf9. You need to go through the steps sequentially, one by one. If any step is unable to resolve your problem, you got to switch to the next one.

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windows phone error 80073cf9




  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Regions.
  • In case you have made any changes to this setting, you need to change your region and match that with your region as mentioned in your Microsoft account.
  • Go to downloads.
  • Cancel all the pending downloads. Now try to download the apps from Windows Store.
  • If this method is unable to resolve your problem, switch on to the Step 2.



  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Locations.
  • Turn this ON.
  • Try downloading some apps from windows store. Make sure to allow location services when asked for it during download.



  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Storage Sense.
  • If you have set the default location of store new apps on as SD Card, then make it as Phone and try again.
  • You can then move the app to the SD Card after the completion of download.
  • If this doesn’t fix your problem, try the next step.

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You can Soft Reset your Windows Phone very easily by going through the following steps:

  • Switch ON your Windows Phone (In case if it is Switched OFF).
  • Press and hold Volume down + power buttons until your phone vibrates. You must not touch the screen during this entire process of Soft Reset even when an option to power off pops up.
  • When you feel the vibration, leave the buttons and your phone will automatically restart.
  • That’s all. You are done with Soft Reset.



If none of the steps mentioned are unable to solve your problem, then the last option Is to Hard Reset your windows phone. This will surely fix windows phone error 80073cf9. You must know that hard resetting your Windows Phone will turn it back to the factory settings (the state it was in the first time when it was turned on). All of your personal contents will be lost and phone will be restored to its factory settings. Before going for the Hard Reset, it is highly recommended that you should back up all of your stuff.

If your phone is responsive (if you can turn on your device), you can hard reset your windows phone by going through the following steps:

  • Tap Settings in the App list page.
  • Tap About.
  • Tap Restore your phone.
  • You will receive two warnings saying that, “Resetting your phone will erase all your personal content, including apps, games, pictures, music and videos and will restore the factory settings. Do you want to continue?”
  • So if you are absolutely sure and you have made up your mind to hard reset your windows phone, simply tap YES in both the warnings.
  • It will take some amount of time to complete the process.

Hope you liked the article on “Fix Windows Phone Error 80073cf9”. Kindly let us know if the method worked for you. Even if you face any issues while going through these procedures, you can let us know.




Akhil Prajapati
  • ram

    hi friends .. i face a new problem like first i installed all my aps in a sd card. then again i moved all my aps to a new one and again i tried to istall. but i am not able to do so. showing the same error code mentioned above.. what to do ??? help less…

    • Akhil Prajapati

      Which phone are you using??

  • Adithya

    Still didnt work… worked for small apps like transfer my data… but whatsapp and other stuffs not working

    • Akhil Prajapati

      First cancel pending downloads. Then set REGION data and turn on LOCATION service in SETTINGS. Now restart download from store. Allow location info to app. Then enjoy!


    thanks, works fine here!

  • Fouzan

    First step worked for me…. Thank you very much..

  • krishnendu

    how to resolve error code 0*805a2014 using lumia 640xl

    • Akhil Prajapati

      Your query will be updated soon

  • mayank

    How to resolve the error 80072f78?

  • Namik Trutović

    No one step is working

  • Yerko

    Fixed with the region settings configuration. Thanks!


    Soft reset didn’t work

  • power ranger

    Thank You. It’s worked.